Entries by Hualani

Cindy Preville | Mono, ON

“Janice is one amazing and authentic medicine woman! She helps us give birth to the Truth and brings forth so many different aspects from her life’s studies and practices that make her a unique and powerful healer, working on multiple levels between the seen and unseen worlds. There is something different about Janice, something new that I had not encountered before – manifesting such amazing results which continue to come forth into my life. There is something very pure about her. She is easy to be with, to share deep and sometimes difficult issues with because she creates an atmosphere of acceptance and non-judgment.”

Hilary Bowring | Toronto, ON | DivineAlign.com

“I honour your wonderful codes of Dharma… You uncover and bring to the light, levels of understanding Dharma that few even know and you turn it into practical ways to live in alignment with the flow and grace of Dharma. I call upon your wisdom to assist others in understanding this way of living.”

Kimberley Simon | Toronto, ON | KimberleySimon.com

“Janice is the embodiment of pure love. The womb space she offers to all opened me to truly love my Self, all parts of my being and my life. Her fierce, compassionate spirit creates the crucible for you to know yourself, love yourself and to remember who you were born to be… a divine ordination into being fully expressed in sacred activism as a gift to the world.”