Rites of Passage & Ceremonial Design

Rituals are a blessing way for conscious creation of

a resonant field of energy serving an evolutionary purpose

The Rite of Passage Ceremony is an act of beauty and a bundle of prayers dedicated to the manifestation of a pure intention that will gracefully transport you across a threshold at a particular juncture on your soul journey.  Rituals are a way of defining what is important to us – a celebration, as well as a sacred act of communicating with the mystery of our inner depth in an inter-connected conversation with the planet that sustains us and what is required for a new life alignment… coming from a larger context to mark an important passage in time.  It clarifies our relationship to ourself, others and our sense of belonging in the world with a sense of letting go of what was and facilitating the movement into an unknown future.

And, it takes at least two of us… You. Me. We. Pure Intention!

I have the blessed honour of offering the following:JM_Groups_icon

  • Pregnancy & Birth Ceremonies
  • Death Rites & Memorials
  • Weddings & Renewing Vows & Ritualized Partnering
  • First Blood Ceremonies for initiating girls into womanhood
  • Rites of Passage for Menopausal Women
  • Puja Rituals for Revealing Your Light & Deepening Love
  • Despacho Medicine Bundles for Balancing Life, Relationship, Fertility & Business
  • Altaring Your Space & Clearing the Environment

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