An Initiation of Four Phases

Phase 1 – Sacred space is established via telephone or in person. You are about to be empowered by a high frequency initiation to awaken this transmission within your energy field and DNA. So prepare a space where you won’t be disturbed and allow for time afterward for integration. It’s the contemplative stillness of deep listening that Janice ‘senses’ through a multi-dimensional hologram of the universal field for the soul script to arise out of the Holy Flame of primordial substance.

Phase 2 – Together, we enter into a mystical realm of the Living Light of Akash.  From within this sacred space a symbol ‘arises’ and it is captured in that moment by calligraphy and ink on to paper, served up with wisdom and compassion. It’s been received from your Holy Scriptures in the form of a symbol and activated by the Flame of Life. This is the twilight language of divine destiny. It’s nothing less than a spiritual fire starter and mystical experience that activates the energy for you to begin living into and deepen your evolutionary potential. It’s an uncommon signature of lavish beauty for you to touch the sacred, cleanse your energetic pallet, spice up your life and glimpse new possibilities! This transcribed symbol, is an oracle that sources the core of your deepest potential… the zone where everything simply falls into place with no effort! This accesses a unique signature, that by it’s very essence, has sprouting power – a potent symbol that signals the universe to respond.
Phase 3 – The Soul Signature is delivered as a Living Symbol that connects the focused mind of the person with the aspect of the experience the symbol represents as a force of divine creativity. It’s not about the imagery or the information so much as it is about the frequency being conveyed by the symbol and the alchemy it holds in the sharing during our communion together. It’s not a symbol that the mind can understand or translate into something known. The frequency is known only by the inner heart resonance that nourishes the flow and fullness of Creation in mythic proportions and invites you to surrender into trusting life.
Phase 4 – The empowerment is transmitted through breath into your crown and central meridian channel. A Tantric Practice is given to you in order for you to ‘digest’ the frequency in your luminous field, and to establish core stability and critical mass for a quantum leap in life. This empowerment transports you into the realm whereby you reside in your divine essence, from which you experience the resonant frequency that is the living vibration within the symbol script. Any additional imagery that may arise is related to a fresh archetypal pattern that is guiding the power and momentum of your creative life force. It holds the trinity of your shadow treasures that must be released into the gift of your purpose that’s central to your life work in the world. Also, it aligns you with the frequency of your becoming, a wider destiny!
Phase 5 – The Soul Signature Symbol is scanned and sent to you by email as a graphic jpeg image and the original ink script is mailed to you, along with instructions for your spiritual altar and essential transformational practice.
NOTE: These Signature Scripts are a Mystical Mirror. The calligraphy imprints the essence of an individual on to paper. This activation is founded on spiritual innovation – gifted to Janice in 1997 when primordial substance spontaneously appeared before her and filled the room. This revealed divine codes to open the matrix of Creation in relationship to awakening world soul and a collaborative adventure into the realms of Light.
This is a Living symbol in Hualani’s own brush stroke, to still the mind, awaken the heart and inspire your world artistry! Transcendental power lies within the appearance of these symbols or calligraphies. When calligraphy is authentically executed, the essence within the symbol signs itself, within itself and out of its essential nature, from within its own vibrational dimension. The inspiration and images that arise within it are like clouds in the sky. Clouds appear and disappear, but the sky remains unchanged. When a spontaneous symbol can arise just as freely, then soul has signed its signature! It is a sacred script that carries within it the divine intelligence, the energy of liberation and the creative momentum (Para Shakti) to carry it out and is represented and protected by a Deva (Shining Being responsible for its manifestation.)

This spiritual technology is both ancient and very modern, reminiscent of mystical Tantric Skywriting. The spontaneous style is not conditioned by patterns or opinions that evolve out of duality and therefore, communicate the universal unimpeded qualities of oneness and infinite spaciousness… the magical dance of form! As such, these images occur outside of the realm of manipulative intellect and are not subject to the whims of psychic observance.